Our Manifesto

Are we saying these fish need to be eviscerated from our waters? No Peta, that’s not what we are saying. We are saying that if we can show you that these species are incredibly delicious and viable food fish than maybe the perception will change and you’ll throw a couple skate in the box next time you are out fluking. So we are going to show you how to clean ’em and show you how to cook ’em and those two skate you just kept for the table won’t be down chowing on young fluke.

What? You think we are a bunch of dopes and you’ll never bring a sea robin home for dinner ’cause you too cool? Then pick up a coupleĀ garbagefish flagsĀ as a gag gift for your buddy. If you pull up to the marina’s fluke tourny weigh in this year and onlookers don’t wet themselves after seeing your garbage fish brag flags flying proudly from your boat we’ll refund your money. BOOM !

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