Your Guide To Garbage Fish That You Can Be Proud To Catch

Tired of seeing that 52′ sportfisher pull into his slip, flying a quiver of brag flags? You know the ones, the yellowfin tuna flag, the mahi flag, the white marlin flag, etc. Well we don’t catch those fish, so we don’t make those flags!

The idea was born out of necessity. You see, most of what we catch is what the fishing community tends to label, “Garbage Fish.” Sea Robins, Skates, and Dogfish. On banner days we’ll pull up horseshoe crabs, spider crabs, star fish, and sea gulls. So we could do what most self respecting bad fishermen would do and quit or we could re-adjuzst our perception of what we were catching.

Yes, everyone will get a great laugh and ask you where you got the flags and what it’s all about. However, we want people to understand that these species may always be labled garbage fish but until you’ve had sautee’d skate wings in a white wine sauce you truly don’t know what you are missing. Still think garbage fish don’t taste good? Click here for proof.

Don’t forget to check out the merchandise section. Our flags, t-shirts and stickers will help to promote the cause and hopefully in time, help to benefit the wellness of other species. It’s a well known fact that dogfish, skate, sea robins and other bottom feeding fish, prey upon the young of nearly all species in our waters including striped bass, fluke, weakfish, blue fish, black drum, and even important bait fish such as bunker, mullet and herring, among others.

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