The following is a list of links that we think you should visit. Each site or company has received a 5 trash can rating from garbage fish.

Their crab cake is simply the best crab cake on Earth. It’s literally worth leaving your wife and getting into a car and driving to Baltimore, Md. to get one – and we don’t care where you are driving from. Your frame of reference on good crab cakes doesn’t even resemble a geometrical shape until you’ve eaten a Captain Larry’s crab cake. (they don’t pay us – their crab cakes just make all other crab cakes taste like crap cakes.)

A company that will ship you fresh seafood – overnight, that are caught from sustainable sources, according to them. But, even if they aren’t from sustainable sources, they will ship you seafood overnight. Nah, they’re probably from sustainable sources.

A fishing club that predates the first sideburn era – Garbage Fish are proud members.


A cool band of recreational fishermen who regularly participate in the Garbage Fish Classic, have even won, and seem to know how have fun and enjoy life.


A nonprofit organization of volunteers, dedicated to physically reseeding our local waters with clams and educating and fostering awareness for the health and well being of our waters, the critters that live in them, and what happens to those critters when you empty your boat’s shit tank into the bay.


A super friendly tackle shop at the Jersey Shore with great prices, cute girls, and pretty much everything you could need, even kayaks. A convenient stop on your way to the boat . If you are in the market for garbage fish flags – they are one of only 2 East Coast retailors that can sell you a sea robin flag, dogfish flag or skate flag. They are also an official weigh station for the Garbage Fish Classic.


Ever go to one of those places where part of their shtick is to abuse you? This is like the bait and tackle shop of those places, except it’s not a shtick and yet somehow you’ll leave better for it. Famous for their fresh clams and custom made rods – this place is legit. If you avoid Grump – and speak with Paul, Ray or Mike, you’ll get helpful, knowledgable, friendly service – and great prices on anything and everything you need. You’ll get all of that with Grumpy too, minus the friendly. If you’ve considered having a custom rod made, this is the absolute spot. They are also the original exclusive retail supplier of Garbage Fish flags – so pick up a Sea Robin flag and get fitted for a custom skate rod while there.

The Inn At Rivers Edge Marina – Forked River, NJ

A slamming bed and breakfast in Forked River, NJ, on the water, with its own marina – but it would be tough to have a marina otherwise. Only a brief strole to the tiki bar at Captain’s Inn and a slightly longer more ambitious strole to Latitudes Restaurant and Bar but yet still a reasonable strole. Bob and the staff at River’s Edge are known to put the “breakfast” in bed and breakfast.


A well moderated fishing forum that is big on useful fishing info and short on the ridiculous banter from people like us.


Have you ever plunked down $300 on a baseball bat for your 6 year old – who’s going to use it to play street hockey and crush bugs but your wife swears he needs it for t-ball because all of the other kids are using them? If so, you’re a moron like me – but now you can go buy one second hand at Play it Again Sports, tell her it’s new, and spend the money you saved and then spend it on fishing stuff. Used athletic equipment, as long as it’s not athletic supporters, is a great idea.


The only company on planet Earth with the foresight to sponsor the pro staff at Garbage Fish with free product. Why do we stand by this sunscreen? Two reasons: #1 – they give it to us for free. #2 – it has a non oily formula that will not spunk up your bait and spook the fish. Don’t believe us – we did a clinical test at garbage fish laboratories.


If you’ve ever been to Long Beach Island, NJ – you’ve driven by here. It’s on the right hand side – just off the causeway. Greg, Stan and crew have been a staple shop on L.B.I. for years. They’ve got literally everything – and are a great resource for those of you fishing Penn Fishing reels. We asked Penn if they would be interested in sponsoring team Garbage Fish and they laughed so hard, the rep said he actually pooped himself for the first time in his adult life, but we still love using their reels and the guys at Fish Heads are experts at servicing them. They are also an official weigh station for the Garbage Fish Classic.


If the casinos aren’t your flavor – dust A.C. and head north over the bridge towards Captain Andy’s Riptide Bait and Tackle in Brigantine, NJ. Captain Andy can outfit you and almost literally put fish on the end of your line – with their expert local fishing knowledge and close proximity to the back bays and some great surf fishing. You guessed it – they are also an official weigh station for the Garbage Fish Classic.


Don’t believe us? Check out 5 Corners Kitchen in Marblehead Massachussets where you can get wild striped bass with roasted asparagus, ragout of house-made pancetta, wild mushrooms & caulifower, brown butter vinaigrette – but, we bet you’ll go for the local Marblehead Skate with pommes purée, haricots verts, capers cornichons, in a lemon brown butter sauce. That’s what we’re talking about.