2011 Leaderboard


All tournament checks have been processed for the winners on Friday, August 12th. These will be sent directly from Wells Fargo – from the account of Scarlet Media/Garbage Fish. If you do not receive your check by Monday August 29th, please let us know. (garbageman@garbagefish.com)

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Weigh Station
1st place Sea robin
2.2 pounds – 16.5 inches
Mike Kelly
Mike also bagged a 2 pounder but each angler is only eligible for one placing in each category.
2nd place Sea robin
1.90 pounds – 17 inches
Grumpy’s Tackle
Marc Savatteiri
(caught last day of tournament)
3rd place Sea robin
1.76 pounds – 16 inches
Grizz’s Bait and Tackle
Bill Westervelt
Bill is known up and down the east coast as one of the finest Sea Robin fishermen in recent history.
1st Runner Up Sea Robin
1.75 pounds – 15.5 inches
Dan Jensen
$25.00 Gift Certificate – Grizz’s Bait and Tackle,http://www.grumpystackle.com/Forked River, NJ
1st place Dogfish
17.45 pounds
Johnathan Marinari
The biggest dogfish weighed to date in all three years of the tournament. Caught while chunking for browns.
2nd place Dogfish
16.5 pounds
Craig Dierkin
This beats last year’s first place fish.
3rd place Dogfish
15.45 pounds
Tom Baggs
1st Runner Up Dogfish
14.05 pounds
Craig Napolitano
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Fish Bonz, Bait and Tackle.
$25.00 Gift Certificate – Fish Bonz Bait and Tackle – Forked River, NJ
1st place Skate
5.16 pounds
Fisherman’s Supply/Grumpy’s Tackle
Mike Belson
Apologies to Mike on the lateness of this post – (remember, nothing is official until we collect the forms) and thanks to Ronny from Fisherman’s Supply and Tom at Grumpy’s with help on this weigh in.
2nd place Skate
4.5 pounds
Grizz’s Bait and Tackle
Mike Sowa
I just bumped into Mike at Walmart gearing up for another run. It could be game over for the rest of you.
3rd place Skate
4.1 pounds – 27 inches
Bill Meyer
1st Runner Up Skate
3.86 pounds
Gene Makitra
Rudy Egberts 3.84 pounder, weighed at Fishermans Headquarters fell just 2, 100ths off 4th place.
$25.00 Gift Certificate – Lacey Marine, Forked River, NJ