2010 Leaderboard


There will also be 4 runner up prize winners in each category !!! – click here to see runner up prizes.

In the event of a tie – winner will be decided by length. If there is still a tie, first weighed will win.

*The leader board is unofficial. Official results will not be complete until all weigh in slips are physically collected and reviewed – after the tournament. Some shops scales break down in ounces while others break down into fractions. At completion of tournament all weigh ins will be converted to pounds and ounces. If you have weighed and feel you placed but do not see your name below – it means we have not yet heard from your weigh station – but after the tournament – your slip will be reviewed and posted in the event you place.
Weigh Station
1st place Sea robin

2 pounds – 6oz. – 17 1/4 inches.

Grumpy’s Tackle
Carmen Severino
That’s a big, big bird.
2nd place Sea robin
2 pounds – 3oz. – 16 1/4 inches.
Fisherman’s Headquarters
Ryan Dellane
minnow – barnegat bay
3rd place Sea robin
1 pound – 13 ounces – 15.75 inches
South Harbor Marina
Brian Schnitzer
Caught on Live Killie and donated to the fish fry.
1st Runner Up Sea Robin
1 pound – 7 ounces – 14.5 inches
Grizz’s Tackle
Kathy Cannatta
Last year’s winner caught this on a killie.
2nd Runner Up Sea Robin
1 pound – .61 ounces 15.5 inches
Grizz’s Tackle
John Howell
Gulp in the Barnegat Inlet
3rd Runner Up Sea Robin
1 pound – 6 ounces – 16 inches
Fish Bonz Bait and Tackle
Gary Polyak
on squid and killies
4th Runner Up Sea Robin
1 pound – 3.6 ounces
Lacey Marine
Tim Smith
1st place Dogfish
15 pounds – 2 oz. – 48 inches
Fisherman’s Headquarters
Greg Cudnik
4 pounds shy of state record.
2nd place Dogfish
13 pounds – 47 inches
Grumpy’s Tackle
Craig Napolitano
BAM ! Caught on Bunker chunk.
3rd place Dogfish
12 pounds – 7.52 ounces – 44 3/4 inches
Fish Bonz Bait and Tackle
Marty Sedlacko
squid killie
1st Runner Up Dogfish
12 pounds even – 43.25 inches
Fisherman’s Headquarters
Ed Bunnell
Huge Dog. Caught bayside. Fish at night for the bigs.
2nd Runner Up Dogfish
8 pounds. – 15oz. – 41 inches
Jingle’s Bait and Tackle
Lindsay Mcintyre
Caught on Mackerel in Little Egg Inlet
3rd Runner Up Dogfish
2 pounds – 26 inches
Rip Tide Bait and Tackle
Richard Mason
sA little guy but it places nonetheless.
4th Runner Up Dogfish
still vacant
1st place skate
4 pounds – 12 ounces !!!!
Jingles Bait and Tackle
Patrick Brennan
I hope this fish was eaten. That’s a big skate.
2nd place skate
4 pounds – 11 ounces.
Lacey Marine
Kathy Cannata
Last year’s tournament sea robin 2nd place winner
3rd place skate
4 pounds – 12.8 ounces. – 28 inches
Lacey Marine
Rocco Sevino
1st place Runner Up Skate
4 pounds – 4 ounces – 25.5 inches
South Harbor Marina
Steve Hardeski
Caught on Killie/Squid combo – meet this one in person at the fish fry.
2nd place Runner Up Skate
4 pounds – 4 ounces – 24 inches
Fish Bonz Bait and Tackle
John Howell
3rd place Runner Up Skate
4 pounds – 1.6 ounces 27 3/8 inches
Grizz’s Bait and Tackle
Dan Tholen
Skate city off the bathing beach on IBSP
4th place Runner Up Skate
4 pounds – 27 inches
Rip Tide Bait and Tackle
James Macklear