aka - Northern Pufferfish. Garbage fish? You decide. No, this is not poisonous and not to be confused with Fugu or even other varieties of pufferfish found in southern waters. The Northern Puffer is not toxic but care should still be taken as its possible to be confused with the banded pufferfish - a smaller fish - but very similar looking. The banded puffer is a very, very rare visitor to northern Atlantic waters but it can happen. Still, just take care in cleaning and don't eat the ovaries or liver. On the flip side, if you've never had a skate ovarie, you don't know what you are missing.

Go to the cleaning page to see how to handle/clean these incredibly tasty fish which blanket the back bays in late summer and early fall. And, pick up a pair of our special fish skinners to make the job much easier.

Here's a couple super easy recipes for these tasty guys.

Blowfish and summer vegies with miso sauce
Blowfish Tenders