"Run by some rude and witty NJ Fishermen" - NY Times

"Set your expectations low, and you'll never be disappointed."


11.17.15 - Epic Striper Day - 10 fish to 35 pounds.
12.7.14 - Striper Season Always Pays Out

Every year when the striper run, we get out there and take a few. These are beautiful fish and if we put 3 to 4 in the drop freezer per year, that's a lot. I love to see the breeder girls left to drop their eggs and proliferate the species but to take a few each year and put them on the table...well, it is what it is. Here is this year's catch - we'll make striper cakes for xmas dinner and let me tell you - far better than crab cakes...far better.

6.23.14 - T-shirt blow out and Garbage Fish In The News
Blowing out the 2013 tournament t-shirts at only 8 bucks a shirt. Get 'em quick, there's not many left. Also - cool article about garbage fish / fishing in the Sandpaper by Jon Coen this week - read the article here and go grab a cheap t-shirt here.




9.2.13 - Thanks to all the garbage fish sharpies who participated in this years event. We are collecting all the final weigh forms and will announce the winners this week
8.21.13 - 10 days left of tournament. Still time to sign up and get in on the best game in town - blowfish.

Had company over the weekend and did up a smorgasbord of sea vittles. These tasty blowfish pictured were fried with healthy amount of lemons from our tree and garnished with heirloom tomatoes from my Dad's garden. Summer is better. Tournament leaderboard will be updated by this afternoon.


Took the boys out today to get in on the hot pufferfish action in the bay. They got their rythym down and we ended up with 84 and lost about 84 million others. All the fish were pretty big but we were able to put some really big ones on the scale. Jake ended up with a big blowtoad at 1.01 pounds, getting him into first place in the Jr. division and Gregory Poole is now in second in Jr.'s with a .96'er. The adults couldn't even get on the board but we had a good time. Gonna hit the skate grounds tomorrow with Captain Pud. Lots of skate caught today but to my knowledge, nothing beat what's up there on the board. Skate Sharpie, Steve Hardeski, put a ton of them on the boat - fishing the pipe - but they were mostly in the 3 pound range.


Pictured is the sign of apocolypse for many fishermen but for those who know how to clean and cook these tasty bitches - and those poised to win cash for catching them - they are a fine target. Whether you are in the tournament or not, go to our cleaning and recipe pages to learn how to break them down and cook them up and stop bitching about catching a delicious fish, get informed and put some great fish on the table or in the freezer. I am.

Like to thank the Fish Hawk's Salt Water Angler's Club for sponsoring this year's tournament. The Fish Hawks are a great club that have been around since the 70's and meet once a month at the Forked River Elks Club. In addition, there are club tournaments, annual awards banquet, picnics, community events and a ton of members with a lot of fishing experience and knowledge. For more information on how to join the Fish Hawks, visit their website at http://www.fishhawksnj.com/


It's hard to believe, but two weeks into the annual Garbage Fish tournament and we only have 1 dogfish weighed, a wee 2.44 pounder. If you want to get in on a tournament that gives you a great chance to win prize money, I'd have to say this is it. Leaderboard is updated and we have some larger skate and sea robins coming in and we're looking at some healthy blowfish around 1 pound, but I know that can be beat so get out there.

Captain Pud and I got bumped off the leaderboard but there are still 3 weekends left in the tournament and we are going to be prowling the dogfish grounds again this week. He may never get off my couch but atleast he has his duck with him.


The leaderboard is filling up but not a single dogfish weighed in as of Monday. That means there is 4 prizes available that have zero fish weighed in for in that category - plus skate, sea robin and blowfish have tournament fish that can be beat so get in on the tournament today and get out there and fish. We also have the kids blowfish division for just 10 bucks. Register here at garbagefish.com or at one of our participating weigh stations listed here. Pictured here are some fish caught onboard the Fish Skunk with Captain Pud and Dave Siletti. Dave had the biggest skate at 3.6 pounds but got bumped to dishonorable mention.


Start your engines - the 2013 Garbage Fish Tournament has begun. Looks like some good fishing weather coming up which beats the snot out of July. Despite some clouds today and possible showers, the upcoming few days look great so get out in the bay, ocean or creek and land that trash. Remember, a tie goes to the first fish caught, so especially for the blowfish division, it pays to get out there early, but you can sign up for the tournament throughout the month, so it's not too late. Stay tuned to the leaderboard.


Captain Steve, Dr. Dave and Massachusetts Andy scouted the Barnegat Bay for the sea robin honey pits, finding a bunch of keeper fluke still in the bay and some nice sea robin. Dr. Dave could not produce anything table worthy but the skipper and Andy saved the day. By tournament time starting August 1st, search oyster creek channel near double creek for trophy sea robin but don't expect them to hang out in the bay too much longer as the warming water will push them out front. My good friend Rat will no doubt be on the hunt with Captain Pud, so don't let these sharpies beat you out on this year's euphorious event. Register today online for the world's largest garbage fish tournament and bring home the glory.


If there's a better eating fish than the Northern Pufferfish, in the Barnegat Bay, then I haven't caught it yet. These fish stand up all by themselves on a plate but that didn't keep me from marinading them in a toasted sesame-ginger-soy thing, and wrapping them in maple smoked bacon. Yeah, my grill looks like shat but she was under water during hurricane sandy, sitting dead nut, point blank, ground zero of the eye of the storm - and is still firing. People are out there bagging 50, 60, 70, 80, ... fish a trip but this is a total of 7 fish here on the grill (two nuggets per fish - and the wrest of our catch vac. sealed for another day) so if you only get a handful, you got a plateful. These little bastards were pushing 1.5 pounds this trip so there's some tournament sized fish out there and just in time as the tournament starts August 1st. You can sign up online now right here - and fish all month - or sign up all month long here or at our weigh stations. But you gotta pay to play and remember - the event benefits the Fish Hawk's Saltwater Angler's Club - youth education fund - which brings kids from Ft. Dix and MgGuire military bases down to Waretown for a day of fishing, crabbing, seminars and each kid walks with a rod/reel/tackle box and some great memories. Tournament is 25 beans per adult for $1,800 in cash prizes - but a $10.00 kids blowfish division is a great chance for your chitlins to get in on some tournament fun and when they go back to school and do the "what did you do this summer" thing - they can walk proud and say, I was tournament fishing for garbage fish.


The boys did great today scouting out some honey holes for giant blowfish with the tournament only days away. Register today for the tournament which includes a $10.00 kids blowfish division - and of course the true glory of the skate, sea robin and dogfish divisions. Register here.


It's time to sign up the garbage fish tournament. It kicks off August 1st and runs the month of August. You can register online here for just $25.00 or get your kids in on the 12 and under blowfish division - or you can sign up at any of our participating weigh stations. The tournament awards $1,800.00 in cash prizes with 15 total cash awards and 4 - 4th place prizes. This is the largest trash fish tournament on the planet - and benefits the Fish Hawk's Saltwater Angler's Club - Youth Education Fund - which helps to sponsor programs like the Fish Hawk's Kid's Fishing Day - an event where they bring up to 50 children of deployed service men and women from Ft. Dix/Mguire AFB to Waretown NJ for a day of fishing, crabbing, eatin' and marine seminars - and sends them youngsters home with a fishing pole, tackle box and lifetime of memories.

Don't be the only cat without a 2013 Garbage Fish Tourny Shirt. Get this year's shirts online here !!

Also - check out the latest edition of the Fisherman Magazine for our article on cooking Garbage Fish and enjoy the video demonstration on how to rock a skate onto your plate.


Grilled tuna and smores when the south wind finally broke for the first time in 2 weeks. Summer is here.


Registration page is now open and accepting paypal signups. The tournament starts August 1st and you can sign up immediately and get in on the month long trash tournament. This year we have the regular adult entry and also a $10.00 12 and under kids blowfish division. You can fish from boat, bank, beach or bathtub - but must catch and weigh a dogfish, sea robin, skate or blowfish at one of our official weigh stations. Over $1,800 in cash prizes - 15 total cash payouts and even conciliation prizes.


7.7.13 - TUNA TRIP
We headed out on Canyon Runner's 60 ft. Ritchie Howell on a quest for the giant skate. No skate to be had but we did get 4 blue sharks, and were bothered by some nuisance fish in the form of 9 longfin tuna, 2 big eye tuna to 150 pounds and a couple yellowfin tuna. The crew of the Canyon Runner, Captain Phil, Craig and Pete - kicked ass and never missed a fish. If you are somehow tired of fishing inshore for sea robin skate and dogfish and want to run out to the canyons for tuna, this is the company. Their experience, network and technology find fish when nobody else can. While trolling we got a satellite call from Adam of Canyon Runner who directed us north to a patch of clean blue water he found on their system from shore. We ran north and it was mayhem as soon as we got there. We didn't see another boat for over 24 hours because nobody thought it was worth going out but they found clean water and incredible fishing. Great job Canyon Runner. Sushi bar is now open.
6.30.13 - 1 month til tournament time
We are one month away from the tournament and getting ready for an epic run of jumbo garbage fish brought to the scales. This year's weigh stations are Fish Bonz Bait and Tackle, Lacey Marine, Grizz's Bait and tackle (all in Forked River), Creekside Outfitters in Waretown and Grumpy's Bait and Tackle in Seaside Park. Big Birds and skate are prowling the waters and dogfish are a plenty as well. Get in on the action.
The Fish Hawk's Saltwater Angler's Youth Fishing Seminar went off this weekend on a beautiful day. The annual event, sponsored by Exelon Nuclear, and moving forward, the Garbage Fish Tournament, brings children of deployed US service men and women from Ft. Dix and Mcguire Air Force Base in NJ, for a day of fishing 101. The kids not only learn about our marine ecology and get an introduction to fishing but they walk away with a rod/reel/tackle box and a fishing experience/knowledge based day on the bay. Great job by the Fish Hawks. We are really proud that our tournament will be raising funds to help finance this awesome project. To read the whole story in the Asbury Park Press, Click Here.

Found some lost, never before seen footage from our garbage fish trip in 2011. Soundtrack is rated mature adult which rules out most people who visit this page, but if you're up to it, this is a good fishing video.


Fished our annual garbage fish massacre trip aboard the Barvic out of Pt. Pleasant yesterday. Yes, there are some on the boat who attempt to land fluke and even sea bass but their efforts were fruitless and futile with only a couple keeper sized fluke coming aboard. Skate, smooth dogfish and sea robin were more accomodating as you might have guessed and this huge 2.6 pound fish was caught and weighed in at Fish Bonz Bait and Tackle in Forked River. This fish would have won the Sea Robin division in all 3 years of the Garbage Fish Tournament. An outstanding catch and after weighing it, we cleaned and served it, saute'd with spicy mayo over crackers as a nice app. Is there anything saltines can't do?


Get a lot of questions on how to skin the skate. We use Mad Dog Fish Skinners to pull the skin off but getting a hold of the wing is hard because skate are slimier than a squashed politician. The clamp on a standard filet board works ok but those boards are typically two narrow and designed to hold a regular shaped fish. Garbage Fish Director of R&D, Greg Poole, designed our custom skate skinner board. Shaped like a skate, wide enough to hold a wing, and made from white oak and black walnut hard woods, we'll use this to lock down onto the wing and pull the skin off this delicious meat. This is a one off, but gives you a good idea on how to lock down on these slippery treats.


At long last we've ordered shirts just for the ladies - but they are in limited supply. Click image to see the shirts and be the first girl on the block with a Garbage Gal t-shirt.


A garbage fish t-shirt siting at the Bordentown Regional School picket line - where the teachers are apparently working without contracts and exercising their 5th amendment which states they have the right to wear kick ass t-shirts while demonstrating.


If you haven't gotten your 2013 Garbage Fish Tournament edition t-shirt - order now as we are blowing through them pretty quickly. Thanks to our friend Erika of Fish Bonz Bait and Tackle in Forked River modeling her g-fish shirt on the shores of the beautiful Barnegat Bay. Also, don't forget to pick up your Mad Dog Fish Skinners from Fish Bonz.

Only ten days until the annual garbage fish massacre aboard the Barvic out of Pt. Pleasant, June 22nd. Email us for details if you are interested in this fun trip.

5.11.13 - MOTHER'S DAY

Happy mother's day to all the moms. Our Lemon tree is in full blossom here and hopefully the lemons will be ready for some great garbage fish seafood dishes this season. Bluefish are all over the bay and yesterday were just out of casting distance of the dock. I kept staring at the kayak but the wind was honking as usual and I didn't feel like contending with the wind and the fleet of boats having fun with the blitz. Forecasts for some much needed westerlies will have us out on the water this week, hopefully, with some pics of fish, recipes and a kick off to a good season.


Lots of people are wondering what's going on in the bay, how much debris is out there. This boat has been working the bay running up every lagoon and working a grid-like pattern in the bay - using a side sonar to detect any debris from the hurricane that would pose issues. They are working hard to make sure the Barnegat Bay is going to be safe for all this season. We are pretty clear of debris by all accounts in this section of the bay but it's good to know that they making sure that is the case. From what we hear, the northern section of Barnegat Bay still has things like cars and houses but hopefully all that will be cleared very soon.

Major thanks to Poole Brother's Construction Company for rebuilding the Garbagefish.com pier after the storm. The before and after shots are telling. The new dock looks great and is ready to pull in a serious amount of garbage fish. With the tournament back in action, the dock back in business, we are ready for a good 2013.

2013 T-shirts are in and we have an all new design. This shirt is the offical 2013 "Tournament Edition" - and is the new face of Garbage Fish. Our fourth tournament to date - but our first tournament T - so grab them while they are here.


Sorting out the details at the moment, but we are going to run the Garbage Fish tournament this year, once again. This year, we are adding blow fish (northern pufferfish) to the list of eligible species in the world's first, biggest and most-non prestigious fishing tournament, ever. Skate, dogfish, and sea robin will still be staples but adding the now thriving puffer to the list of eligible catches will make the tournament bigger, more fun, and give everyone, especially the kids, the chance to get in on the action. We wanted to open it up more to the bay fishermen, because you really have to get out into ocean to get a serious chance of catching some prizable crap - but now you can prowl the back bays for a chance to covet the prized honor of being king of the garbage fish. With Hurricane Sandy doing its number on our area, we felt it was important to bring back the tournament and revive some fun into our hard hit area. We are going to push the event back into August to give the "blow-fishers" a better chance and to also slip into some better, warmer, skate and sea robin friendly times. This year, the tournament will benefit the Fish Hawk's fishing club's annual "take a kid fishing" day - where children from the Ft. Dix army base are brought in to the Barnegat Bay area for a fun day of fishing and each walk away with rod and reel and a memory they'll never forget. Weigh stations this year will be limited to the mainland - with Fish Bonz Bait and Tackle, Lacey Marine, Grizz's Bait and Tackle - plus one weigh station on the hard-hit barrier area of Seaside Park, Grumpy's Bait and Tackle. Grumpy's is up and running and fully restored. Grumpy is such a bastard that the storm actually avoided his shop in fear of his wrath of grumpiness. Over the years, they consistently have weighed the heaviest dogfish in the tournament so if you want to contest, it's a good spot to fish. Prizes will be big this year, but we are working out the details, so get your smallest, shittiest rods ready and once again be ready to fish for the nastiest tournament on the East Coast.


Got the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Roger and Erica from Fish Bonz Bait and Tackle at the Lacey High School Fishing Club - annual fishing flea market. We ran video demonstrations on how to use Mad Dog Fish Skinners to clean all things garbage - such as skate, sea robin, dogfish and northern puffers. The method behind the madness is showing people how to clean these fish - and getting them to stop bragging about hitting them with a club and tossing them overboard. (you know who you are.) Our beloved garbage fish are easily as good eating as your traditional targeted species - and they are more abundant and therefor unregulated. To get a pair of the one of a kind toothed skinners that make quick work of anything from blowfish to beaver, visit the site here.

12.13.12 - Fishing Flea Market Season Is On

Not too much news as of late other than continued cleanup due to the hurricane - but brick by brick we are getting back together. The lack of fishing has been surreal this fall - given the normal amount of activity associated with the striper run. What we missed out on this year was the winter skate migration - as those giant skate move in during November and December. Hopefully we'll be able to get out at some point to cash in on the lesser known, but equally delicious skate variety. One thing to report is one of the first fishing flea markets of the year that takes place at Lacey High School in Lacey Twp. NJ on January 19th, from 8am to 2pm. The event is held in the gymnasium so it's one of the least claustrophobic flea markets to attend and for that reason, one of my favorite. But, they also have a ton of great vendors - and awesome deals. I stock up on all my bottom rigs here each year. The flea market is being held to benefit the students of the club by raising money to fund the fishing trips taken throughout the school year. This fundraiser finances 5 to 6 trips per year, plus scholarships for student members. There are many different levels of experience among the 50 members of the club, but this club allows the students from all fishing backgrounds to get out and enjoy the outdoors. So, put it on your calendar and support some of the best up and coming garbage fishermen/and women.

11.4.12 - SANDY

Garbagefish.com headquarters, sitting at near ground zero of hurricane Sandy on the west bank of Barnegat Bay got its ass kicked on Monday night. The property is destroyed and clean-up will take a long, long time - but we are fortunate that the house survived in tact - and with all things kept in perspective, consider ourselves fortunate as others were not as lucky. The remainder of our stock of 2012 garbage fish t-shirts have been donated to the Lacey Township Methodist Church shelter where there are families still residing - as there homes are either flooded, damaged, without power or completely gone. Keep the Jersey Shore in your thoughts as we all recover and rebuild from this tragedy and look for us in 2013 when we place our next shirt order. Please visit the Red Cross website and help those in need however you can.

To get a pair of these awesome skinners used in the video go to:

This is a bit long but it shows every step of cleaning and cooking a skate (except winging it which is the easy part.)


We are asked a lot how to dress a skate. The hardest part is probably skinning it so here's a step by step video we did skinning a skate wing and getting it ready for Buffalo skate wings.


A few years back we carried a fish skinning product that was a close out from a since defunct manufacturer in Patterson, NJ. Patterson, NJ - is one of the most funct up places on earth, so it's no surprise they shut down. They were the only toothed fish skinners we've ever seen, however, so we grabbed them up and sold them to you. Our friends at Fish Bonz Bait and Tackle in Forked River, NJ (http://www.fishbonzbt.com) took it a step further and had the skinners manufactured in stainless steel and they were kind enough to give us a pair to demo and clean delicious garbage fish. Here's an instructional video of Captain Pud using them to clean the super tasty northern puffer fish. Rock on. To get a pair, go to http://www.fishbonzbt.com



Summer is a great time to do any kind of seafood apps, taking advantage of the abundant fresh fish available to us everywhere. The fluking has been hit or miss this year, but what has been on fire like never seen before, is the skate fishing. People are catching 50 skate per trip and of course - but usually unable to bring home a legal fluke. Skate, as you know, are all legal and if you learn how to prep. them, delicious. This idea came to me in a dream. We served up buffalo skate wings the other night and let the record show that this was posted here first because if there's a restaurant with a brain, they are going to start serving this stuff up pronto. People flip the freak out.

Skate, as we've waxed poetic on before, have a striated pattern to the wings. Once winged, skinned and taken off the cartiledge, use a sharp filet knife to cut along the striations to render strips of meat that look like calimari. Rinse and then dredge in flour, seasoned with salt and pepper. (You can even freeze them at this point and break out whenever) Fry at 350 degrees until they float (about 3 minutes - keeping in mind they are small strips so they don't take very long) remove, drain on paper towels and keep warm. Take 1/2 cup of Frank's Hot Sauce, 1/3 cup of butter, 1/3 cup of ale or white wine. Melt butter in pan, deglaze with beer or wine and let beer cook down, turn off heat, add hot sauce, and mix in your fried skate. Top with chopped green onions and serve with bleu cheese dressing. Better for you than chicken wings and tastes equally good. "Looks like crap, tastes like chicken."

Click for a printable version of this recipe.

7.5.12 - BIG DOGS

Here's a nice big dogfish caught and sent in to us by our friend Scott Santos. That fish would steak out very nice for the grill. Thanks for sending 'er in Scott - rock on !


Packed up the poles and a picnic lunch and took the boys to some of the beautiful lakes of the New Jersey, Pinelands to have fun with some fresh water fish. Nothing big enough to eat but lots of fun to catch.


Here's an email from a fearless garbage fisherman from Wildwood, NJ, and a pic of their nice fat skate. Sent in on 6.7.12

First off I just wanna say I dig ur site. If I hadn't stumbled across all the info and tips you guys post this guy would of been a definite throw back instead of dinner. Pic is of my buddy mike and his skate catch just underneath the 47 bridge in North Wildwood. How can I get in on the tourny? Thanks.


My heterosexual life-mate - and cousin, Greg Poole purchased a Fisher pontoon boat a couple years back from a retired Coastie. He had it tricked out but was ready to move from his living room on the bay, to his living room in his house. Greg was happy to procure the aquatic living room and we hit it up hard last night. The boat was named the Senior Moment and is still respectively referred to that to this day. Striped bass were busting on the surface but since the herring fishery has been shut down we fished for channel cats and Dave the Rave nailed them, while me, Captain Pud, and Greg enjoyed the grillled treats. Fishing is so much fun, but fishing and eating combined and I mean, really doing it up, it's a good time. Thanks Greg Poole for a fun night out on the Senior Moment.

Catfish might be the original garbage fish but we didn't grill them up right away - we came prepared for a skunking and rocked out grilled chicken wings and rosemary sausage links in the pristine Trenton NJ evening air.

5.3.12 - 2012 Edition T-Shirts Are Here - Get Them While They Last

The fourth annual edition of Garbage Fish, "Looks Like Crap, Tastes Like Chicken" T-Shirts are in and this year we have some differnet color selections. Supplies usually run out in a bit so get your orders in while we have them. Click Here To Check Out The New T's.

4.23.12 - Updates, 2012 Tournament, and stuff.

Made it through yet another winter here and are gearing up for a new garbage fishing season. Word is the ocean floor is blanketed with skate and dogfish from the Outer Banks of NC, straight on up to Maine. Garbage fishing legend, Dave Silleti returned recently from a trip to Nags Head where he said the catch of the day was skate. Their inshore season is sort of between species at the moment with the stripers and blues having moved north and the redfish, speckled trout, sheepshead and other local favorites have not turned on yet. He said if you wanted fish, skate were biting.

Big ups to "Big Guy" Kent for sending in these great pics and some tips on dogfish cleaning. Big Guy goes to great lengths to prepare/clean the dogs properly and judging from the pics, the man knows his way around a garbage fish. Check out the needlefish and conger eel that made their way to his kitchen. I've had conger eel which are delicious, but have never caught a needler big enough to mess with. Good job dude - you are the featured home page pic for a while. Thanks !

We are trying to decide what to do with the 2012 Garbage Fish tournament. The month long format we've run in the past makes it more practical for everyone to get out and fish atleast one day during the event, but one month of daily emails from people complaining that their names aren't spelled right on the leader board proved too annoying. At the moment, we are kicking around a 1 day "slam" format - one weigh station format. All the shops that helped with weigh ins over the last 3 years were great, but it's just too hard to administer that many shops.

2012 Shirts will be here next week with new colors so check back for new gear. Also, we'll be doing a site revamp this year focusing on new recipes so send in your garbage fish recipes today to get them listed on the site.

1.5.12 - 47 Foot Horseshoe Crab - Artificial Reef

Here's one for you. A local NJ sculptor and marine biologist - Chris Wojcik - has created a 47 foot Horseshoe crab out of rebar and concrete with the hopes of having it sailed to and sunk at the Axel Carson wreck - to add to the man made reef's underwater dynamic - which it most certainly would. For those of you unfamiliar, the Axel Carson reef is situated in a trough next to an underwater hill known as the Manasquan Ridge in the Atlantic Ocean, not far off Manasquan, NJ. Sometimes reffered to as the Mantoloking Ridge, it is a man made reef containing sunken ships, barges, concrete piers, sunken army tanks, a lot of my fishing tackle, and a ton of other stuff - put there to create a habitat for prized gamefish like skate, dogfish and the formidable sea robin. The crab can be viewed at the base of the Manasquan Bridge behind the Ship Wreck Grill. If the giant crab doesn't scare the shit out of the fish, it will create an additional habitat for them which is always welcome - both to fish and fishermen. Chris is selling t-shirts to get the word out and raise money to finance the project - for more information on the project and how to get a shirt - go to http://artasreef.com

Photo by Bob Misak.

11.30.11 - Bubba forgot, "shrimp and striped bass."
"Big Saturday" as it will go down, produced some more nice meals. Greg Poole shows some nice step by step pics here in a striped bass throwdown at home. Greg cooks better than he types so I didn't get a written breakdown but as they say, a picture is worth a lotta words. Garbage fish? Not technically but do you think we just eat sea robin? C'mon.
11.27.11 - Saturday's Striped Bass hit the table

After our succesful trip Saturday, these fish would not be wasted. These were nice sized fish - in the 15-20 pound class range - so one fillet made dinner for several, as pictured above. In a nutshell, here's what became of this particular fish. Dredged in seasoned flour, sauteed in 2 tablespoons of olive oil for 5 minutes per side (these were thick - usually doesn't take that long) drizzled with a spicy japanese sauce (japanese mayo, sriracha sauce, sugar, sesame oil, chili powder) and served with twice baked taters - and raw brocs to keep us honest. - and in picture three - drizzled with a balsamic reduction served over spicy butter grits, and sprinkled with...bacon !. Couldn't have been better.

11.26.11 - Team Garbage Fish Striper Day

Great day on the water for team Garbage Fish with Captain Pud guiding us to fertile dogfish waters. We broke the Barnegat Inlet and were almost instantly locked into a spiney dogfish frenzy. We were looking for striped bass today, however, and went on the troll. Captain Pud expertly moved us into the bass - who were gorging on the epic sand eel hatch. Pulling custom made sand eel rigs, el Capitor had us limited out before noon on fish to 34 inches, and back at headquarters to enjoy an unseasonably warm afternoon while Greg prepared some holiday fillets. Good job by the group today and thanks Captain Pud for a nice day on the water. We were able to use a couple bonus tags today. Only nominal cost to get them and you can regsiter for it here: http://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/bonusbas.htm

11.8.11 - POOR MAN'S MONKFISH - Part 2

Thanks again to Michael Favata of Va. for sharing his pictorial on oyster toadfish - from bucket, to cleaning table, to the frying pan. Check out the 10.30 entry just below here to see the other pics of the toadfish and Mike's cleaning pics and description. Here's what Mike says about cooking these garbage fish beauties: Brian. they are excellent. A few addtional steps need to be taken. Once the "fillets" are removed from each side of the tail section. you need to remove the tough "silver skin" that is under the skin surface (hunters know what this is, and folks who clean big eels are also familiar). then cut the meat into 1-2 inch chuncks. Then if you want to really get all the "eely" out of them, soak the meat in cold very salty water a few hours. Then lighlty dust in Old Bay for at least a few hours (yes, start this process a day ahead of time). wipe off the excess Old Bay, then soak in beaten egg white (I had turkey eggs on hand from a family friend on a farm in Isle of Wight County Virginia). Then dust in Panko Bread crumbs and pan fry in crisco. YUMMY. Have you ever eaten one?


Major propers to Michael Favata of Portsmouth, Va, who just sent in some incredible pics and reports of one of the most overlooked and undercooked garbage fish species going. Michael shows us his catch of oyster toadfish, sometimes called oyster cracker or sally growlers. Two years back, Joe from Seasparks Marine, contacted me to help him with a garbage fish tournament hosted from his parents marina on the Delaware Bay. Apparently, the oyster toadies are a familiar catch there, and warranted a tourny. He told me they were fetching $8.50 a pound - mostly to Asian markets/restaurants in philly.

Still, here in the Barnegat Bay region of NJ - we don't catch a heck of a lot of big ones, so they don't make it to the plate that often. But, Michael is a far more accomplished toad head than we are - and says that he targets them in the fall in the lower Chesapeake. What's even better, is Mike shows off some cleaning pics here - and shows you the beautiful tail filets the fish yield. Although not huge, neither are blowfish (norther puffers) but we are happy to catch and eat those tasty little squabs when they are biting. These fish are somewhat similar to monkfish in body structure, being mostly head (hence the monkfish's old moniker, headfish.) Monkfish also used to be on the "garbage fish" list - and were known as poor man's lobster. Take a look at the tales on these fish - talk about lobster. Mike says that the texture of these are similar to an american eel and that they can be skinned like an eel and baked or fried. People who overlook sustainable, abundant sources of fresh fish like these are way too close minded and afraid to try something new. Those are the same people who have never enjoyed simple pleasures in life, like a proper hair cut from a flowbee. We feel for those people. Rock on Mike and thanks for the pics.

10.4.11 - MAHI BUT NO AHI

Greg got into some nice Mahi this weekend - despite hurricane Ophelia passing offshore. 8-10 foot seas and no tuna this time but the mahi cooperated nicely. It's that time of year when almost every species that you can legally fish for - is around. Inshore, pretty much everything is either arriving or getting ready to leave - the water is still in the 70's and everything is biting. The blue crabs are at their fattest, largest stage of the season - getting ready for a final molt and the fall squash crops are even getting ripe. Tonight at G-fish headquarters it's blackened mahi, topped with jumbo lump crab meat - served with butternut squash soup. Rock on.


The best thing about skate is eating it. The flavor, the delicate texture, the unique plate appearance and the variety of ways to prepare it. The worst part, for most people, is bringing themselves to order something that they know little about or have never tried. This year it's been buffalo skate wings, skate fries, and skate tacos at my house, but if you are going to plate a skate for not only taste but presentation, above is how this private club does it. Dredged in flour, sauteed quickly in olive oil and then plated with some sauteed veggies and a light sauce of your chosing. This is a recent menu from the Trenton Country Club, in West Trenton, NJ. I grew up around this club and although they won't let people like me in there, it is interesting to see the much maligned skate ending up in more and more restaurants and on menus of places that you might not expect to see the ugly fish that Dr. Poo heralds as his number one remedy. The Trenton CC is a nice place but they've actually got this reasonably priced as we've seen skate wing usually priced around $30.00 per plate.


Thanks to Scott Santos for sending in this picture of his trophy sea robin - just caught off Colonel Green's Mansion / Buzzard Bay - Dartmouth, Mass. This is some real time garbage fish reporting as this bad boy was caught, cell phone pic'd, and emailed from the cell to g-fish headquarters. Rock on.


Captain Pud guided a crew to his most fertile garbage grounds this past weekend, - putting us on some of the fattest skate, sea robin and dogfish of the year on a secret inshore ridge, out of Barnegat Inlet, NJ. It was an outstanding day on the water with 5 nice sized smooth dogs, tons of skate to 5 pounds, a dynamic individual named Captain Lou on the boat who didn't move once in 9 hours, and plenty of northern sea robin, including this cow pictured below with my junior team, Jake and Zach - just tipping the scale at Lacey Marine at 2 pounds. This fish hit a 3/8 oz spro bucktail teaser, but behind it was a 5 pound skate on the trailing 4 oz. spro bucktail. Pulling up 8 pounds of trash at the same time, both swimming different directions, was an experience. Keep in mind, stripers, bluefish, even fluke - they are all streamlined. Garbage fish have tons of crap hanging off them - making them a hell of an effort to pull up - especially if they have some weight to them. A lot of talk has been going on about the 81 pound pending world record striper caught in Connecticut a couple weeks but I'm certain focus will shift to this massive 2 pound sea robin now that its hit the scale. Big thank you to Captain Pud for another slamming day of garbage fishing and to Kevin Trout for bagging the day's biggest skate - and filling the garbage fish headquarters freezer with more skate fries.


Congratulations to Mike Kelly, Jonathan Marinari and Mike Belson - this year's Garbage Fish Classic Tournament Winners ! Mike Kelly won the Sea Robin division with a 2.2 pound bird, Jonathan Marinari weighed a 17.45 pound smooth dogfish (less than 2 pounds shy of the state record and our biggest dog yet) and junior angler, Mike Belson, nabbed the biggest skate ever weighed for the tournament at 5.16 pounds to claim the 2011 crown.

Many thanks to all the fishermen who participated in this tournament. Participation was off big time this year, but we raised $200.00 for Reclam The Bay - which doesn't sound like much - but is enough to purchase roughly 30,000 seed clams to be raised by the volunteers at reclam the bay and released back into the Barnegat to continue to try and clean our waters of all the disgusting shit that humans keep pumping into it. For more on their efforts, visit their website. Many thanks to the weigh stations and shop owners who helped and participated with the tournament and donated prizes. Tom and the gang from Grumpy's Tackle in Seaside Heights had 30 weigh ins and 20 signups. Outstanding and they really pushed it - knowing that the more money we raise - the better off the bay will be - the more people having something to fish for something they can actually keep - the more happy fishermen will be. Also big thanks to Bob Misak and Tom Pagliaroli from Fisherman Magazine and the Rack and Fin Radio Show for their support and coverage of the tournament.


Today will be spent driving around visiting with the weigh stations who participated in the world's only garbage fish tournament, hearing their proud stories of the moments when large sea robin hit their scales and collecting the weigh forms from the month long tournament. We didn't reach our goal of participation this year but there was still a good number of garbage fish anglers - I won't know how many until I collect all the registration forms. Greg from Fisherman's Headquarters in Ship Bottom told me participation is off in every tournament going simply due to the economy. Sad but true. Check back in later tonight to see the full list of winners, including what looks to be a first place dogfish (unofficial) at 17.45 pounds. That's our biggest dogfish yet.

Saw lots of schoolie skate this past weekend - all in the 2-3 pound range. The big cow skate seem to be spread out at this point. Sea robin are everywhere but seem to be very small right now. Dogfish are here and there but the big ones are being caught at night. Now that the garbage fishing has peaked - but by no means ended for the season - the sharpies are turning their attention to the wrecks as big sea bass, like this one caught yesterday, are being taken - but many on some of the less fished wrecks - as the party boats and crowds are picking through the usual haunts. The fish you see above was caught off Edmund Fitzgerald.


Bringing back the "looks like crap, tastes like chicken" shirts in a cool new color, olive prairie special ops taupe desert suede. Only $12.99 gets you the most fashionable garbage fish website t-shirt in existence. These ship next day.

7.24.11 - Swedish Fish

One more week to register and fish the prestigious garbage fish tournament. You must register by July 30th - but you can fish until the end of the 31st - provided you get your fish weighed by a shop before they close. For a list of our official weigh stations, go here.

Here's an interesting email we got last week from a fisherman from Sweden who now hails from NJ.

I have read your site with interest. As I have just relocated from my native Sweden to New Jersey, I am quite surprised to see how people here treat the dogfish. Back in Sweden it is a highly regarded game fish, which has increasingly become protected (as the population is diminishing). It is excellent eating. While I always release haddock (bad smell) and pollock (greyish meat with no good taste), I happily take home one or two dogfish to cook. If you skin them properly, the meat is excellent - similar to monkfish (which is alongside halibut and turbot the most expensive fish you can buy in Sweden). And almost no bones. Nowadays, most people who catch a dogfish in Sweden will release it. Not because it is a "garbage fish", but out of respect for this predator. It has become a prime target for specimen hunters and if you catch a big one, you will end up on the cover of one of the more prestigious fishing magazines in Sweden. Last year there were some targeted efforts that resulted in dogfish approaching 20 lbs. Rikard Froberg


11 days left in the tournament so sign up and measure yourself against the finest garbage fish anglers on the Eastern Seaboard. If you hadn't gotten a chance to view our article in On The Water Magazine - it's now posted on their site and can be read here.


It's been sort of an odd year for our annual Garbage Fish Classic tournament. It started with a joker catching a 14.5 pound dogfish, then paying to join the tournament. We got the guy's registration at 4:52 am and at 4:59 am he emails us to make sure we got his paypal registration because he caught a fish he wants to weigh in. Now, if you look at the time, he would have had to register online, then 5 mintues later catch a dogfish just 5 pounds shy of a state record. Landing a 14.5 pound dogfish in 5 minutes would be a task in an of itself, but to register online, then go fish, hook and land the fish, and email us that he caught it - all in under 5 minutes - is downright stupifying. So, we emailed him and asked when he caught it and he did admit that he caught it before he registered. That's like going to Atlantic City, sitting down at a black jack table, waiting until you get 21, then putting your chips down and saying, "Ok, I'm in." When we explained that this is against the rules of this as well as any other fishing tournament on planet earth, he of course responded with incredulous shock and surprise and wanted his money back because our rules didn't specify. Our posted rules as well as common sense and honor spell out that you must first register, but he was lacking in the two latter distinguishing attributes. Anyway, we refunded his money and then the guy still weighed the fish. Sorry slim. Disqualified. Too bad too because if he had any class and joined the tournament prior to actually fishing the tournament, he would at this point be on the leaderboard.

Beyond that, the garbage fish are inexplicably difficult to catch right now. Captain Pud scoured the Atlantic yesterday and was only able to catch fluke - 1 keeper - the rest shorts. Even our tournament sharpies like former winners Kathy Cannata and Marty Sedlacko are having trouble hooking into trash fish. After two weeks of the tournament, we have only 4 fish weighed and all at Grumpy's Bait and Tackle in Seaside Park, NJ. Two of those fish (two huge dogs) were caught by Craig Dierking and each angler is only eligible to win one prize in each fish category. Good job, nonetheless, by Craig. A 16.5 pound dogfish is massive and will be very tough to beat. So, if you have ever complained of catching these fish and think you have the skills to put your money where your mouth is, get out there and find the trash. You can register for two more weeks but please, register first, then fish.


One of the cool things about working with skate is its very unique muscular layout. As we've said before, it has a striated pattern to it that gives it a cool look when plated properly, but we find it has another redeeming quality. Skate french fries !! Here's what you do - once you've got your fish winged, skinned and removed from the cartiledge (remember no bones about it, peeps, skate have cartiledge not neck chokers) take your wing and slice it along the segments into strips the size of french fries. Coat them in a seasoned flour mixture. (no egg, no marinade, no need) Just dredge them in flour seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, whatever you like. You can't mess this up. Then, fry them. I use a counter top electric deep fryer - and canola oil - but you can certainly do these in a pan with oil too. Fry them for just 2-3 minutes at 350 degrees until they float and are golden brown. Take them out and shake them out - blot 'em in paper towels - and then serve them up with your favorite dipping sauce or by themselves. I made the above plate this afternoon and served them to my seven your old - who I naturally told was chicken - and my next door neighbor and fishing buddy, Steve and his family and all loved them. Skate. The ugly thing that you hold in the same regard as a heroin dealer when it shows up on your hook. It's good eats.

And not to wax too poetic on this one fried dish but some of you are reading this and maybe you are some of the same old wise asses I encounter at fishing shows and cooking demos and tell me, yeah - but it's fried - you can fry dog shit and it tastes good. I personally have never tried dog shit but I don't think I'm going out on a limb to say this: Skate is probably better and I'd be willing to bet the majority of your flounder is fried as well. Emeril once said, fried food isn't bad, there's just bad frying. High temp, good oil, 2 minutes, no egg batters, just light dredge in flour, and you are eating something that is going to be way lower in fat and cholesterol than that steak you just slammed down with butter drowned vegetables and potatoes.

7.6.11 - Year of the Dog

We thought it was going to be the year of the skate but the smooth dogfish are all over the beach. Heard from several guys in the tournament who are releasing dogs that would have placed last year because bigger fish are being caught left and right. Get out there and catch some fish. Here's tournament angler Iggy, releasing a smooth dog he just caught in the surf. The surf is the place to be right now for the dogs. Iggy is not only a fisherman but a chef and we find it interesting that the folks who hold the garbage fish in high regard as food fish are people that know what the hell they are talking about. Check out Iggy's blog and see how he breaks down a skate in an instructional pictorial that might even help those who have been having trouble. Tournament is only in its 5th day so you have all month to register and fish for the biggest garbage fish tournament the world has ever seen.

The dogs keep coming. Here's tournament angler James Amore with another big dogfish off the beach in Island Beach State Park last night.

7.5.11 - Big Dogs weighed in at Grumpy's - Plus - A garbage fish seafood slam this past weekend.

Some huge dogfish weighed in this weekend for the tournament with one already beating last year's winner. Looks like a 16.5 pound dog for Chris Dierking caught at night (which is the best time to catch them) from Island Beach and weighed at Grumpy's Bait and Tackle in Seaside Park. I spoke with tournament regular James Amore who said the dogs were so thick that he thought he saw Michael Vick swimming with them. So far though, I haven't heard of any weigh ins for Sea Robin or Skate which means it's wide open so register and go fishing. By the way, as listed in our tournament rules, you must first sign up for the tournament and then fish. You can't wait to see if you catch a big fish and then sign up, Matt Sorrentino. I won't mention names, but that happened last night. That fish will not be eligible.

Look what was cooking at the garbage fish kitchen this holiday weekend. We made a real nice seafood chowder out of Tom P.'s 125 pound butterfly ray. It was a spicy roasted corn and ray chowder that was absolutely slamming. And, big ups to Captain Pud and Bob Misak for providing some delicious fresh fish for the July 4th dinner. Pud caught some huge skate last week and Bob gave us some incredible scallops. Plus, the crabbing has been off the hook so we did the skate and scallops in panko crust, topped it with fresh Barnegat Bay crab meat, avocado and Jersey tomato salsa, and drizzled with a balsamic reduction and plated it with some sweet potato pomme frittes. But I'm sure that hot dog you had at the family picnic was good, too.


We had a great time last Friday at the Forked River Tuna Club. Captain Pud, Greg Poole, myself, along with Tom P. - host of the Rack and Fin Radio Show on ESPN radio and Tom's fiance, the fare and lovely Denise Marie, all converged on the Tuna Club to put on a fish fry the likes of which they won't soon be able to forget, but with counseling and the proper medication, they may be able to cope with. That's right - garbage fish tacos for the members of the club whose members are more familiar with offshore game fishing than our pesky inshore trash species. It was sort of like asking a cat to sleep with a dog - real going-against-the-grain kind of stuff. But, the members of the club all seemed to enjoy - with the skate tacos being the favorites. Dan Tholen, FRTC member and owner of Lacey Marine had this to say, "If I die and could pick just one food to be served in heaven for all of eternity, it would be skate tacos." We agree Dan. Good choice.

Guest speakers for the monthly meeting must have been in very short supply because Garbage Fish was the guest speaker. We talked about fish, fishing, and fishes and fielded questions about things we have absolutely zero qualifications to talk about. It was a good kick off event for the start of the 3rd annual Garbage Fish Tournament which started this morning. Remember, you can sign up all month - but don't wait - go here to get in on what is the largest garbage fishing contest in the entire central eastern portion of Ocean County, NJ. As with the last two years, there are huge cash and merchandise prizes, fame and glory, and money donated to Reclam The Bay.

6.27.11 - Garbage Fish Of A Lifetime

Our friends Tom P., host of the Rack and Fin radio show on ESPN Radio and the fare and lovely Denise Marie, boated, photographed, cleaned and cooked this massive butterfly ray. Estimated to weigh 125 pounds and to taste like chicken, Tom fought it for 45 minutes and then had to figure out where to put it on the boat. Definately wasn't going in the fish box. Incredible pictures and story, guys. I'm quite sure there are a lot of people who had no clue that this fish is down there. This was caught in the back bay near Absecon, NJ...on a fluke rig.

Click Here To See The Rest Of The Pics Of This Fish

6.26.11 - What The Fluke, Greg?

We had our annual charter on the Barvic yesterday out of Pt. Pleasant NJ, and as always, it was an outstanding day. An entire team of 33 garbage fishermen hitting the seas to target doormat skate, cow sea robin, and man eating sand sharks. Bycatch is unfortunate, and until we determined what rigs would keep the fluke away, we encountered a good number of pesky flat fish stealing our baits, fouling our rigs and at times, it seemed they were all we could catch. Still, we had a great day and came away with some amazing skate meat, sea robin to 14.5 inches, and unfortunately only small smooth dogfish which we released to grow bigger for next year. Pictured is boat pool winner, Patrick Tunney, with his 23 inch fluke that beat my 22 inch fish, caught on squid and spearing rubbed in Greg's peanut butter sandwich, with only minutes to go. Boat was supposed to be back at 2pm. I held the pool winning fish with a 22 incher. It's now 2 pm and the Captain makes the call to head home and Greg Poole, Garbagefish.com teacher's union debate team president, guilted the captain into doing one more drift. Naturally, Patrick beat me out on that drift. We fished for 7 hours, but Greg needed to not catch anything for 10 more minutes, fully aware the boat should have been home and his cousin was in the lead with the pool. Naturally, it was that last drift that spelled my tragic defeat. Thanks Greg.

Don't forget - tournament starts this Friday. You can fish and register the whole month of July - but if you aren't registered, you can't fish. Register here now.


Here's our buddy Denise Marie with her 230 pound thresher shark she caught last week while trolling for striped bass in snotty sea. The shark had a serious DOH moment when it slapped the bunker spoon they were trolling with its tail and foul hooked itself. I've had a hard time pulling a foul hooked skate, but a 230 pound thresher? This is a serious fish of a lifetime for Denise, although she's a pretty hard core angler in her own right We were proud of her and equally proud of her for bringing us some steaks which grilled up to perfection. If you've never had thresher, it's good eats. Thanks again for the steaks, Denise.

6.15.11 - Dr. Poo with a new message about this year's Garbage Fish Tournament.
6.10.11 - Garbage Fish interview on ESPN Radio - Sat. morning (june 11th)
As we gear up for the 3rd Garbage Fish Classic tournament, we are doing the press and promo stuff now. If you are not fishing, sleeping, or hung over tomorrow morning (sat. june 11th) - go to 973espn.com between the hours of 8am and 9am and listen to our interview on the Rack and Fin show with Tom Pagliaroli. Tom runs a great show and it's worth listening to even if we aren't on it, but tomorrow, we talk garbage. You can also try tuning into 97.3 fm but this affiliates signal only seems to reach the Jersey Coast.
6.6.11 - Dogfish and Skate on the menu at the 5 Corners Kitchen

If you've never visited Marblehead, Mass. now you've got a reason to go. Check out the 5 Corners Kitchen, where Chef/Owner Barry Edelman has put together a menu with not one but two entrees featuring local and fresher than fresh skate and dogfish. Like the folks in the southern Chesapeake have done with cow nose ray (marketed as Chesepeake Ray) Barry has added his own nom de plume to dogfish. He calls is Cape Shark - which is really a good idea. Dogfish just doesn't come across that appetizing. Neither did goosefish, or headfish (former popular names for what is now referred to as Monkfish) But, I urge you to check out this menu because it looks really good. And read the press clippings on this joint, don't take it from me. The Boston Globe was gushing on them. Barry emailed us recently with some great ideas for dogfish belly flaps, which I concede, I usually discard. Can't wait to try them.

6.5.11 - Sally Growlers

Greg and I had the opportunity to hang out and fish with Captain Billy Burdge Jr. who was taking a breather to fish aboard his Dad's boat, the Barvic, out of Pt. Pleasant, NJ. Bill Burdge senior runs the charter boat, the Barvic, while Jr. is a professional lobster fisherman out of Shark River. While battling some heavier than forecasted seas and cleaning skate, we had some fun discussions with the captain, who was a great dude and fun to fish with. We always like meeting the commercial guys - because they see more than any of us get to see - and I'm talking the stuff that fascinates us - the stuff that's down there that you don't really know about - that you wonder about - that when you are fishing, or even dipping your toe in the sea - sits somewhere in the back of your mind in the "damn nature, you scary!" category. Bill sees all kinds of these instances crawl into his lobster pots. Last week they pulled up something that definately fits into the garbage fish category and even moreso, is an absolute rarity. This is a big oyster toadfish, or as the lobstermen call them, Sally Growlers. This one is an albino toadfish which is rare in nature, in general, but when you are a fish at the bottom of the sea and your survival is based on the fact that you are dark brown, spotted and blend in with the muddy bottom, it can't help your survival rate when nature shoves it up your ass and makes you stick out like Rush Limbaugh at a Korn concert. Nevertheless, this sally growler has defied odds and looks to have gotten pretty big. These guys are slow growing, as evidenced by the several we keep in our tanks for a couple years, so I was doubly impressed to see this one. Subsequently, they are edible and the inshore versions are fetching 7 bucks a pound on the asian fish market, so we're told.

5.23.11 - Bass All Up In This

Congratulations Fish Hawks Fishing Club member and Reclam The Bay volunteer, John Howell, who had a slamming weekend on stripers. John caught these big fish off Island Beach State Park, NJ, one going 44 inches and the other 45 inches. This is a great time of year to get these fish because they are mostly spawned out and working their way up the coast. To get two big fish on two adjacent days is outstanding. John is a regular competitor in the Garbage Fish Classic and he is apparently fine tuning his skills for the big tournament.

5.09.11 - Ant's Angle

Our buddy and intrepid angler, Anthony, continues to outfish most of us and keep us and you posted with his awesome saltwater fishing reports off the central Jersey coastline. Take a look at the bluefish to the left that still has the plug Ant made himself from just a block of wood in Greg Poole's shop class. Not bad for an 8th grader. Sort of makes the napkin holder I made look stupid.

Its that time of the year again believe it or not, to get the boats unwrapped, rods rigged up, and go out and do our favorite thing which is to catch fish, or at least try as me and my Dad did yesterday. After a couple of months of waiting to get out on our boat we finally were at the Manasquan River Yacht Club backing the boat into the water for the first time. We were on our way down the river when we got to Treasure Island and saw small blues having a feeding frenzy on some bait fish and the birds were also circling around. We debated if we wanted to catch them and I decided I wanted to cast out and see what I get. The first cast of the year for me brought in and little blue...decent eating size. What I had rigged up was a jig made by Pt. Jude - the one we tried catching stripers with. Since it is a jig I took that off and put on one of the home-made plugs I make after school in Greg Poole's woodworking shop. Thanks to his generosity of letting me make them there I caught my second fish of the year on my yellow with black spots on the top and white on the bottom popper plug. At first the blue came up after the plug and knocked it in the air a good two feet and kept hitting it then he finally got the treble hook and the back and when he came to the boat he had another friend that seemed to like my popper. Then just like that they went away and a few people stayed to fish them but me and my dad were ready to go get Stripers. We decided to go north since hearing from our friends that the Bass north of Shark river inlet. We were moving along for a while up on the shoreline looking for bird action when we got to the Shrewsbery Rocks and saw a good sized fleet of boats fishing around and decided to jig there only to get stuck on the bottom and decide to go north to Sandy Hook. When we got there every boat was anchored up chumming clam for the Striped Bass with little luck. We only saw one boat catch a smaller Striper probably just big enough to keep. After about and hour we gave up and went in at 11 O'Clock or so and called it and day with two small blues. Not the ideal first day of the year trip but that's why its called fishing and not catching. - Anthony F.

5.08.11 - May 7 Bluefish Blitz with Captain Bob
5.02.11 - Skating Away

Matt and his daughter took advantage of the nice weekend weather to do some skating and sharpen their skills for this years Classic. Scout out your skate spots now as we are less than 2 months away from the third annual Garbage Fish Tourny. Click here to register.

5.01.11 - Avian Integration

I have a dream. I have a dream that little black birds will one day be picking parasites out of their feathers with little white birds, I have a dream. Each year in New Jersey, along the avian super highway known as the atlantic flyway, our seasons are sometimes marked by the arrival and departure of a variety of species. When the cormorants bail, you know the shnit is about to hit the fan. When the egrets arrive, you are on the right side of the hill. Last week, they got here and I got a shot of a rare visitor who had integrated into their mix. The black guy is a glossy ibis and he was traveling and hanging out with the egrets as if he were one of them. I've seen ibis up this way once or twice, but never mixed in with snowy egrets. In the Everglades, these and white ibis are sometimes called Chokoloskee Chicken, referring to their indiginous region of southern Florida and delicious meat that goes good with buffalo sauce and blue cheese. It's warming up. Check out the garbage cam page for a real time ocean water temperature graph as well as air temps for down here in Forky River, NJ.

4.30.11 - Dogfish and Chips - Nobu Style

I saw a recipe from Nobu for fish and chips done really different - no batter - no deep fry. The recipe calls for cod to be layered in a terrine with sliced potatoes, baked, then weighted down by a can of beans for 24 hours to set up. Then you are supposed to remove the whole deal and slice it into long cubes, and brown the cubes in a sautee pan so that somehow, magically, the layers of potato and fish don't seperate while you are browning them. They kind of did, though. Dogfish tastes way better than cod, so I defrosted the last of the 2010 smooth dogfish fillets and gave this recipe a try. It was sort of a pain in the nobus, but the dogfish tastes really good and doesn't have that off flavor that you get with cod. I guess it's a healthy way to do fish and chips but if eating this healthy dish tacks extra time on my life, preparing it seemed to take equal time away. Point is, dogfish kick ass. If you have too much time on your hand - you can see the whole recipe here. Nothing about this recipe is accurate or helpful, so be warned if you try it.

4.27.11 - Simple Sauteed Skate Wing

The fluke regulations are in and everyone is thrilled that we'll have a longer season to try desperately to put an 18 inch fish in the box. I for one wish they'd make it 20 inches or bigger because in the rare occasion that an 18 comes on board we act like the Eagles won the superbowl. Imagine how nuts we'd get if we caught a 20? I hope you guys and gals try skate this year. It is a delicious eating fish that if you clean and cook properly, everyone will love and you shouldn't have much trouble catching one...or 50. Pictured above is a skate wing dusted lightly in flour, salt and pepper and pan fried in canola oil. It was cooked by a first timer - so go here to check out what they did.

4.26.11 - The Founding Fish

Speaking of garbage fish - you'll get slapped in the mouth by certain folks if you lump the American shad into that category which only further complicates the difficult task of defining garbage fish. Does the Shad taste good? Captain Pud's father, Captain Pud Senior, will tell you he likes them and would have eaten this fish we released last night on the river. But, for most people, it's an oily and farely strong fish which keeps it off the menu of your favorite seafood restaurant - unless you hit up the Shad Fest in Lambertville, NJ last week, where the Shad was the guest of honor and you could throw down a plate of bony, grilled river shad with a side of its egg sack. mmmmm. So, if the Shad doesn't come across to the mainstream modern American palate - then why doesn't this fish get the garbage fish rap?

Yeah, by most accounts, the shad is nasty, but that's just if you try to eat it...although, I hear the roe tastes just like fish eggs. Try to catch it, however, and as fishing author and host of the Rack and Fin radio show on ESPN radio, Tom Pagliaroli says, pound for pound it's the second strongest freshwater fish you'll encounter. Unlike the clearnose skate, who although is delicious, when hooked seems to fight with the energy and enthusiam of a warm steaming pile of stew - the Shad will make run after run, prompting you to wonder what you've got on the end of the line. The fish pictured above with Greg actually had us moving the boat to keep up with it as it tried repeatedly to break us off in the jagged rocks and submerged cadavers of the Delaware River in Trenton. It was particularly fun because it was caught on 4 pound JC Penney monofilament and an ultra light Costco combo. Had it not been for the quality gear, this picture would have not been captured.

So, maybe it's a fight factor that keeps it off the garbage fish list but there's an interesting back story on this species. Bob Marley once said, "If you know your history, then you will know where I'm coming from." I doubt Bob ever ate a shad but George Washington did. It was 1778 and the American army had suffered a series of terrible defeats and were forced to camp out in Valley Forge, PA, and regroup. They spent the winter along the banks of the Schuylkill River, starving, freezing and suffering incredibly. There was no heat, no food, no puffy jackets, no supplies - then - along came March and the American Shad, pushing up from the sea to lay its eggs and milt in the fresh water rivers of the Eastern Seaboard. Local fishermen set their nets and thanks to an epic, early and thick spawning run of this anadromous ocean runner, the hunger stricken army of our budding nation was saved as the American Shad literally rescued them from starvation. The days of shad runs so thick you could literally feed an army are long, long gone - but we give it a two garbage fish thumbs up and are happy to catch it and let someone else eat it any day of the week. Seriously though, if you're not starving, it's a good idea to let these go so they can drop their eggs and continue to repopulate from the days when the river was so dirty it nearly wiped them out.

4.16.11 - striper fishing, Trenton, NJ style

Set off with Greg and Captain Pud, team Garbage Fish, aboard Greg's pontoon boat - the Senior Moment - to cash in on the excellent Delaware River catch and release striper fishery - during the spring run. Herring were few and far between but if you could catch a herring you would almost instantly hook up with a bass. We are going to enjoy this run before the skate action picks up in the ocean. While everyone else was freezing their sacks off in bass boats in the 20 knot, 40 degree weather, we were slamming kielbasa sandwiches and smoked pork butt steaks off the grill aboard Greg's ride which I've always maintained, is like fishing from your living room. Nice.


Taped this red fox digging up crabs the other day out in the marsh in the Barnegat Bay area.


3.30.11 - "Things To Do For Free" in Tom's River, NJ

Pretty exciting free stuff going on. First the NY Times and now this. We just got listed in the "What You Can Do For Free," section of the Tom's River, NJ - Quality Inn's website. Trying to keep things in perspective and not get too big of a head but there are no words to do this honor justice. We aren't at the top of the list, mind you, but just being mentioned here makes it all worthwile. It's been a dream of ours since we were knee high to a sea robin turd and now that it's come to fruition, a true lifetime goal has been achieved. Actually, looking close at the list, garbagefish.com aside, there are a lot of cool free things to do on that list. So, if you're in Ocean County and looking to do something fun with the kids, wife or your lifemate, check it out. It's a farely comprehensive list of some worthwhile things to do while down here.


Lifelong Brant Beach, NJ, resident, Joe W. - took the time to send in a shot of this nice dogfish - caught from the surf near his home and then employed as an effective hitchhiking aid. More traditional targets are starting to cooperate but don't forget to eat your dogfish this year. It's a healthy way to start your day. Thanks for the pic, Joe.

3.22.11 - Sesame seeds and garbage fish

We get a good amount of questions on how to cook garbage fish - or just fish in general. Whether it be a sea robin or a mahi mahi, two things that go hand in hand with cooking fish are lemons and sesame seeds. Everyone has cooked with lemon, especially when blackening a piece of fish and of course baking fish. The tangy lemon sets up the heat of the cajun spices like Cole Hamels wishes his change up would set up his fastball, or is the other way around? But, toasted sesame seeds, sprinkled on fish, will also enhance your dish and is as easy as squirting a lemon. Here's a tip - get your sesame seeds from an Asian market. At your main market, be it Publics, Food Lion, Safeway or Shoprite - sesame seeds will cost a bunch of samolians for a small jar but you can pick up a much larger bag of them at an Asian market for the same price if not much less. Same with many items, in fact.


Here's D-train and his Dad outside of Cameron on campus at Duke University. Garbagefish.com is now the unofficial garbage fishing website of the Duke University men's basketball program. Go Duke.

3.16.11 - Catch of the Day - Southern Sea Robin

Thanks to Josh G. for sending in his catch of the day. Josh took a trip down to Florida because he wanted to know if they have garbage fish in the southern states and he answered the question when he landed this little southern sea robin off a pier in Ft. DeSoto. In all fareness, our man is down visiting his in laws and after he explained to his bride and her parents that although the company and conversation are riveting, he needed to be anywhere but here immediately. Josh then asked himself the question: What's better than pretending I'm having a good time at my inlaws? A: chewing on tinfoil. B: making friends in the vestibule at Publics Grocery Store and complaining about the government. C: Volunteering at the AARP to go to homes and give full body sponge baths. Or....D: Go garbage fishing. Josh chose well, picked up some rigs and a light tackle outfit, went fishing and took the time to capture this cell phone shot of a little bird he caught. Josh didn't actually say any of that about his inlaws...but we did.

3.14.11 - Garbage Fish In Public.

Very pleased to see Duke smack UNC in the ACC Tournament final yesterday - and get a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament. It's always refreshing to see college basketball played by college students. Pictured below is junior Garbage Fisherman, D-Train Lodge, rocking out his 2011 gfish wear on campus at Duke University yesterday. Below - D-Train is pictured outside of Cameron Arena at site of the famous Krzyzewskiville and also at Duke's chapel. Thanks for sending in the pics. Keep eating your fish and you'll grow into that shirt in no time.

This past Saturday, the staff at Garbage Fish could be found at the Fish Hawk's annual fishing flea market. There, we tried to encourage people to sign up for this years Garbage Fish Classic, Captain Pud modeled up to four sets of his custom fitted novelty teeth, scaring the women and children, and we talked garbage with a lot of people who came out to enjoy a nice March day. Tom P., host of the Rack and Fin radio show on 97.3 FM - ESPN Radio - stopped by with the lovely Denise Marie, to hook up with us for a post flea market striper excursion but the winds kicked up - Captain Pud looked as excited about fishing as getting another hip replacement - so we decided to slam some Virginia Salt oysters and talk fishing at gfish headquarters. If you missed us, we'll be at the NJBBA fishing flea market in Toms River, NJ - in 2 weeks.

Captain Pud and his pet tooth, Spike, alongside Greg and junior garbage fish staffer, Jacob.
Captain Pud with his Hillary Clinton Gfish shirt where Hilly shows how to properly eat Eel - alongside the rest of the staff with their custom Ms. Gfish of the month shirts.
Greg Poole with Denise, Tom P. and his European shoulder bag.
There are no words.
3.11.11 - I christen thee...garbage fish.

About a year ago - someone from the Harvard University Business School purchased some sea robin flags from us. At the time, we figured they must be micro analyzing garbage fish, our flags and our business model, to use as part of a syllabus for a new, cutting edge course on how not to start a small business. Not so. In fact, Richard Ruback, professor of corporate finance at Harvard was having a 1935 Crosby catboat completely rebuilt, and renamed. What is he naming it? Sea Robin. She'll be flying our Sea Robin flags and we sent him some camera ready artwork for t-shirts. For some pictures of the work in progress - go to: http://www.maloneboatbuilding.com/present_work.html

3.09.11 - Gfish 150 Bands Are Here!

Stop by and say hi at the Lacey Elks Fishing Flea market in Forked River, NJ - this Saturday (march 12th) from 8am - 2pm. We'll be there with gear and for anyone who signs up for this years Garbage Fish Classic - you'll get your very own Gfish 150 band. What is a Gfish 150 band? Pronounced <gfish wun fiddy> the band handsomely signifies that you have either joined the tournament, like wearing rubber, or actually payed for one of them. Either way, with each tournament signup (at the flea market only) or each band sold - we donate a buck to Reclam The Bay. A buck purchases approximately 150 seed clams to be raised and released into the bay by the volunteers at reclamthebay.org. The clams, if we haven't beaten this horse into a rotting corpse, clean the bay waters as natural filtration systems. Plus, it's a fashion statement - pigmented in camo colors - a style very popular 6 years ago. People will say, what's that ugly thing on your wrist? You'll have the pleasure of explaining to them what it is, how it is helping, and how Ms. Gfish March is the love of your life. Each bracelet is made of something in the mineral family, loosely resembles camouflage, and says "garbagefish.com 150 clams." It really is for a good cause.

3.03.11 - Keeping tabs with Garbage Fish and Coach Gilbertson in Norway as the US Men go for gold at the world championships.

Chris Gilbertson, or as his team knows him, Coach Bear, or as we know him, Gilbo, is doing us and our nation a great service. Gilbo is not only putting our boys in position to bring medals home from the worlds, in the single hairiest athletic event one can endeavor to experience, nordic ski jumping (or as most of you know it...that video from Wild World of Sports "agony of defeat,") but he's sporting the Gfish colors - on the 100 meter jump at the World Championships in Oslo. OK - he didn't pull it off at the US ambassador's dinner two nights ago - but it's nice to see him teaching the Norwegians about american websites that teach people to eat ugly fish. They probably have garbage fish in Norway ?

We photoshopped the one of him at the US embassy, but not the pics above. Click here to see a pic of Chris last year here in Forked River, NJ - at the beloved Dunkin Donuts advertising the gfish tournament.

3.1.11 - US Ski Jumping Coach in Oslo, Norway at World Championships - sporting the all new Garbage Fish clothing line.

Good friend of Gfish, US Nordic Combined Ski Jumping Coach, Chris Gilbertson, is out in Oslo, Norway - rocking his custom made Garbagefish.com polo shirt. Last night, after competitions, Chris and the team went to a dinner at the US Embassy in Oslo and he requested something a little more formal for the affair so we accomodated him. Last year, the US men took their first ever olympic medals in the nordic events, including Gold, and they are hoping to repeat on their successes at this year's worlds. Truth be told and not wanting to set off an international incident, he was wearing US team attire - but claims to have been sporting his gfish t-shirt as an undershirt. We'll take that. Good luck guys. Our expert advice, jump really far.

2.24.11 - Skate Wing In The Bedroom? Listen To What The Asian People Have Known For Years.
2.23.11 - 2011 Tournament Now Taking Sign Ups
2.18.11 - Garbage Fish At These Following Events

One good thing about the winter is the fishing flea markets or shows. They are a great places to get deals on anything and everything you need this year from big ticket items like Penn Internationals and boat electronics, right down to cut-right deals on terminal tackle. Plus, your friends at garbagefish.com will have tables at a few of these and its your chance to get a gfish sticker, meet Ms. February or pick up some other merch. from us. Here's the list of fishing fleamarkets to find us at.

March 12th - Fish Hawk's Flea Market in Forked River, NJ. Doors open at 8am - Close at 2pm. Click For More Info.

March 27th - New Jersey Beach Buggy Association Fishing Flea Market - Toms River - Click For More Info.

Aprils 2nd - Forked River Volunteer Fire Department Fishing Flea Market - Doors open at 8am - Close at 2pm. Click For More Info.


For those of you who have been waiting to wear a garbage fish t-shirt that won't get you in trouble at the office on casual friday - it's finally here. Our new design is in stock in all sizes, even in triple X for that guy I keep running into that tells me the double X's make him look fat. Plus - the new tshirts are only 10 bucks ! (except XXL's. More cotton, more cash.) And we donate a dollar of that 10 bucks to Reclam The Bay. So, with each shirt you purchase - you just put roughly 150 water filtering clams back into the water you play in, crab in, fish in, and let your kids swim in. It's a fun way to give back and our favorite part of reclam the bay is the money doesn't have to filter through the government until there's nothing left of it. It goes right to purchasing new clams. Get on it. Look cool - and help our marine waters. Click Here To See The New Shirts


For all those that enjoyed Christina Aguilera's stunning rendition of the National Anthem at the superbowl - here's one that's even better, as requested by Captain Pud.

As many of you wait for the official call for 2011 fluke regs in terms of what you won't be able to bring home for the table, an even more important ruling hangs in the balance.

Arlington, VA * Atlantic coastal states from Rhode Island through North Carolina have scheduled their hearings to gather public comment on Draft Addendum III to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Spiny Dogfish. The dates, times, and locations of the scheduled meetings follow:

Rhode Island Division of Fish and Wildlife February 15, 2011; 5:00 PM URI, Graduate School of Oceanography Coastal Institute Auditorium 215 South Ferry Road Narragansett, Rhode Island Contact: Jason McNamee at (401) 423-1943

New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation February 22, 2011; 7:00 PM Marine Resources Headquarters 205 North Bell Meade Road, Suite 1 East Setauket, New York Contact: Steve Heins at (631) 444-0436

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife March 3, 2011; 6:30 PM Galloway Township Public Library 306 East Jimmie Leeds Road Absecon, New Jersey Contact: Pete Himchak at (609) 748-2020

Delaware Dept. of Natural Resources and Environment Control February 8, 2011; 6:00 PM Shoreline and Waterway Management Section Lewes Field Facility 901 Pilottown Road Lewes, Delaware Contact: Cynthia Cleaver at (302) 645-1061

Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources February 9, 2011; 4:00 PM Ocean Pines Library 11107 Cathell Road Ocean Pines, Maryland Contact: Carrie Kennedy at (410) 260-8295

Virginia Marine Resources Commission February 15, 2011; 6:00 PM 2600 Washington Avenue, 4th Floor Newport News, Virginia Contact: Jack Travelstead at (757) 247-2247

North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries February 24, 2011; 6:00 PM Location to be determined Contact: Red Munden at (252) 808-8009

1.29.11 - Ice Flow Composite Video

This one was scary. The bay had several days to freeze - about 1 inch of ice - before a mid 40's day to thaw and then the winds. The 40mph north east winds generate waves which break up the ice and start pushing it towards the west side of the bay and the ice generally will knock down anything in its way, including docks and piers. The storm stopped as the ice was only 20 yards from us. Skirted another one.

1.25.11 - Police try to negotiate the ice flows on the Barnegat Bay last Sunday.
1.24.11 - 7th Grade Garbage Fish Drawing Contest Winners

A big thank you to the students of Greg Poole's Bordentown Middle School Industrial Technology class for submitting their garbage fish drawings to the first annual Garbage Fish drawing contest. Below are the six winning drawings. We were looking for a new design for our 2011 garbage gear, and the kids did a great job helping out with these ideas.

1.10.11 - Fresh Seafood - Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

For most of us fishermen in the United States, recreational or commercial, the ice and snow of winter have us dry docked - literally and figuratively. It's all about fat steaks, deep bowls of chili, and endless piles of carby comfort foods to get us through the cold months. If it's seafood, you are relying on your supermarket or fish monger - because you are most likely not putting your own fish on the plate in January. With that said, check out the good people at I Love Blue Sea. I Love Blue Sea is a seafood company that will get you your seafood fix, fast and fresh, even during the months most fishing boats are cutting through ice to get the fishing grounds. Even better, this company's focus is bringing you this seafood from sustainable sources - sources who's mission is to produce a harvest from areas and fisheries that are not threatened and using methods that don't leave an indelible and irreversible fingerprint on the world's over pressured fisheries. Relax Rush Limbaugh, they're not jamming patuli oil up your nose, they are simply bringing you fresh seafood, fast, from sources wise to the fact these resources are limited and become ever so more limited if we don't make an attempt to sustain them.

1.07.11 - Ms. Garbage Fish is Back

2010 was a fun year. We enjoyed being slammed by the NY Times in a featured article about garbagefish.com, insisting that this website will be the downfall of the heavily overfished sea robin fishery. We also received complaints from the good people at the Ocean County Board of Tourism who felt that reclamthebay.org should not accept our donations because the Ms. Garbage Fish section wasn't family friendly. In the interest of keeping everyone happy, we took it down, but feel we did a major disservice to the lovely spokeswomen who proudly represented this site, each and every month. And, that being the most heavily visited page on our site, we decided to reintroduce it here in 2011 for your viewing pleasure. So, enjoy past winners of this coveted section and a big congratulations to Ms. Garbage Fish January, 2011.

Steve and I checked out the Fish Hawk's monthly meeting last night in Forked River, NJ. The Fish Hawks are a local club of sharpies who host many an event each year including a great fishing flea market held this year at the Lacey Elks, March 12th from 8am - 2pm - as well as monthly tournaments, picnics and fishing outings and events for the kids, and volunteer work in the community They asked me to be speak at the meeting and it's always nice to speak to a group of people and not get the crap beat out of you, so a large thanks to the club and its members for indulging us as I rambled about garbage fish. Three members of this club racked up winning fish at last year's tournament so I wanted to meet them to try and pick up any tips and tricks I'm missing out on as these guys can fish.

1.06.11 - Happy New Year, Garbage Fishermen and Garbage Fisherwomen

A truly impressive hookup by Saltwater Sportsman Magazine's Managing Editor, Nick Honachefsky, as he proudly shows off his skate double hook up. If you fish the east coast of the US and haven't heard of Nick, it's time to replace the door on the cave you live in. Nick's fishing and journalism exploits are well known and here he shows off a venerable trophy of a catch - two skates. As they so often say, two is better than one. I'm talkin' skate tacos, Jackson!

A Happy New Year to all. We are looking forward to yet another year of teaching people how to not only catch, clean, amd eat trash fish, but to brag about it. In store this year we have yet another garbage fish tournament coming up in July - with details and signup info to be added shortly. We'll be at various flea markets, including the Fish Hawks fishing flea market at the Lacey Elks on March 12th - where you'll find us pushing Garbage Fish gear and serving up samples of chilled skate salad, pickled dogfish, and sea robin sausages. Not really, but we will have G-fish gear and dancing women for your viewing pleasure. Just kidding about the dancing women, but we will be showing instructional videos and taking signups for this years tourny and giving out free gold. Just kidding about the gold, but we will be there selling shirts.


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